Welcome to Project Disc Golf!

This blog will be focused on the sport of disc golf and my adventures around the world enjoying this great sport.

More specifically, I also plan to document all of the events that have led to the installation of a new 18-hole disc golf course in the Greater Toronto Area.  I hope you enjoy, and get a chance to visit the course once installation is complete.



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2 Responses to Welcome to Project Disc Golf!

  1. Andrew Hamilton says:

    Very excited for this new course heard about it through a friend, will be very cool to have something closer to home (Leaside) as much as I do love the Island course.

    • Hey Andrew,
      Thanks for the note. I’m excited to be able to play something a little closer to home too – though the island is an awesome course.
      Once we can string a few sunny days together to dry out the park we can finally get started on installation (the baskets are collecting dust!!)
      We’re planning to put together a Friday evening league – for anyone who’s not taking off for weekends – hope to see you out there.

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