Inception – E.T. Seton Disc Golf Course

This project was born in the summer of 2009  as a plan to bring a new course to Toronto’s east end. Selfishly, I wanted a course closer to home to play myself, but the project quickly evolved and became a great opportunity to improve access to the sport for a growing disc golf community and also a new location for experienced disc-golfers to enjoy in the north-east end of the city.
E.T. Seton Park offered a large green-space with interesting terrain variety and easy access by car, bicycle and TTC.

The project has been a collaboration of three main parties:
– our disc golf club
– City of Toronto Parks Department
– Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA)
PDGA also assisted with a letter of support, and some financial assistance.

ODSA put me in touch with the Parks supervisor (they had a good relationship through the Ultimate Frisbee relationship, using the sports fields in Sunnybrook) who was very receptive to the idea as the project would help to draw people deeper into the park.

Having contacts with a provincial sports organization, national organization (PDGA) and interest from the Municipal level – parties were in place to begin planning seriously. Next step, financials.


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