First Look at Course:

Had a great meeting with Jim.  We began to really hammer out next steps to get the baskets out of storage and into the ground.  Took one of the baskets out of the box and put it together for the first time.  Cool to see them out of the boxes for the first time

Other topics we touched on were signage, eventual tee pads which will likely be installed later in the summer/fall.

After the meeting I spent about an hour re-measuring # 1, # 17 and #18 (thanks Dave for the measuring wheel).

I’ve attached shots of # 1 below:

Short basket location will be in line with two pines to the right (~240 ft) and the long placement straight up into the grove of trees (~270ft).

…and # 18 – shot taken from long-pin placement towards tee area:

Long placment measures ~297ft. Subject to change depending on other park projects…..

This is a fun shot to plan with a hyzer and anhyzer option (great into the wind!) Also a well guarded hole location in mid-summer with plenty of foliage.
I really hope we can use this location to finish off the course.

That’s all for now.  Check back often for more updates.


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5 Responses to First Look at Course:

  1. Coney says:

    Looks great man! Can’t wait to play this course. Cheers!

  2. Ty says:

    Can’t wait, it’s a short bike ride from my clinic and I am off @ 2 on Mondays. I suspect you will see me out there almost every Monday

  3. Ty says:

    Actually looking at the map it may be minutes walking to the park from work?
    Where is the first tee/entrance to the park? I am at 939 Eglington E

    • Hey Tyler,

      Thx for checking out the blog!
      Yeah, you’re super close. By car/bike you can enter the park from ‘Wilket Creek Park’ entrance just off of Leslie and stay left on the roads as you circle back towards the science centre. You’ll go under the huge train bridge (on the bike path) and the first (and 18th) hole will be just past the ‘lung cancer memorial park’

      …I think there’s acutally stairs off of eglinton at Leslie which take you right down to the big parking lot under the Train bridge too.

      I’ll post with progress as we get closer to having some targets to throw at.

      Still working on a league night plan too…likely not Monday (Etobicoke) but hope to see you there too – and hope we can get out for a Monday round soon.

      Look forward to seeing you out there!

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