More Measurements

Spent a few hours in the park on Saturday, re-measuring some of the hole lengths and of course throwing a bunch of tee-shots.

I met another of the parks guys (staff) who was aware of the project.  He’d never seen golf discs before so I showed him the few that I had with me – he was pretty surprised to hear how far a driver can fly!! Good to hear the project is on the list of things to get done.

He initially thought I was doing ‘locates’ for one of the companies who has buried pipes in the valley.  Nice guy.

I’ve attached a picture of Hole 6 tee-shot on the east end of the park.  This was the original Hole 18 before the decision was made to number the holes from the West entrance of the park – as it is 12 month access, and easier to find from the DVP.

The bridge shown is the Overlea Bridge.

I checked the file on when I took this shot, interestingly – November 7, 2009.


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