Final Approval & Financials.

In my last post, I mentioned ‘locates’ had begun, and are now done.  What are ‘locates?

Any time a utility company buries it’s pipeline, cable etc. and you plan to dig it’s important to know where they’re buried to avoid hitting them when you drill a hole.

There’s four major companies with pipes crossing through the valley in E.T. Seton (you probably pay 2 0r 3 or their bills each month). The City of Toronto Parks Dept. has coordinated with each of the various companies to come to the park and ‘locate’ the underground pipes etc. and with today’s meeting it’s confirmed that pin locations are fine, we’re OK to begin!

On another topic, up until now I haven’t really felt like the project is really going to happen (nothing to throw at yet….etc.) – kind of a weird sense of doubt I know- but with the baskets having long since arrived we’re obviously moving ahead.  It’s long overdue to make mention of some KEY support.

Baskets aren’t cheap (19 of them add up pretty quick!) nor will the rest of the equpment for tee-pads signs, and other materials along the way.  We would be throwing at trees and lamp poles if it weren’t for the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).  Our application was approved last fall (see link through ODSA site below for more on this):—Approves-grant-for-Toronto-Area-Disc-Golf-Club.htm

Additional funding was obtained from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA) and Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).  Thank you to all.

Let us all speak positively (and often) of OTF, BNS, ODSA and PDGA – their combined generosity has made this installation possible.

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2 Responses to Final Approval & Financials.

  1. Hicks says:

    Great Blog Adge:
    Very excited about the course. Any idea when we can play it?

    • Hey Hicks,
      Thanks for the note, glad you like the blog.

      I was down in the Park tonight for a bit finalizing the layout for the
      Parks guys. Just waiting for the ground to dry up a bit more
      So we can start installation – hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

      I’ll be sure to post the blog with updates, so check back soon.


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