Temporary Tees

This season on the course at E.T. Seton will be used to tighten up the lay-out from the baskets backwards…meaning we’ll play with temporary(grass) tee-locations through-out the spring and summer before installing tee pads.

The course will have two basket locations (short and long), but has been designed thus far with one permanent tee-pad in mind.  The available land and lay-out of the park doesn’t really lend itself to two tee pads on every hole (though several holes do have potential) – but for now, the budget will only allow for one tee pad on each hole.

The temporary tee-locations will be identified by flourescent pink markers which will be nailed into the grass.  We’ll have the ability to move these around periodically to experiment with new lines and angles to the pin.

We’ll also wait to install tee-signs until tee-pads have been installed. C’mon sun!!

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12 Responses to Temporary Tees

  1. rudy says:

    Any update on the May 21-23 long weekend plans to play the layout? That’s, like, this weekend. I live in Leaside and can walk to the course. Pick a time, any time, preferably on the Monday.
    Please see Searching for the ET Seton disc golf course.

    • Hey Rudy,

      Thanks for the comment, and interest in the course. I am overdue for an update on the blog….

      Unfortunately, I can’t make it out this weekend (family obligations) – but had hoped to debut the course this weekend – with baskets in the ground.

      The parks guys have been great so far, but are hand cuffed by the soggy conditions in the low lying areas. Their large grass cutting machinery is too heavy and would sink into the ground….

      I was down there today, and see that I’ll have to go out and re-mark the course (3rd time….) again.

      Had a look at your blog, great stuff. Thanks for the interest in the project.

      Once we do get the targets in, we’re planning on a regular Friday night league through the summer. Hope to see you out there.

      I will definitely post when I can get down there with a group to have a walk-through.


  2. 807-905 says:

    Keep me posted about Friday night league 🙂

    • Thx for the interest. Will definitely keep you posted. Planning to start asap once baskets are in ( hopefully in the next few weeks!) pray for a sunny stretch of weather!

  3. paul burak says:

    Just wanted to give applause for the effort. (effing rain!)

    • Thanks Paul. We’ll get there soon – this week looks promising for some sunshine.
      Hope to see you out on the course soon.

      • DireWolf says:

        Hey Adge,

        I was down there on Sunday with Paul B. Looks OK to some degree. How is it looking to get the machines down there soon?


      • Sorry for the delay on this Direwolf.
        Baskets are in and the course is playable – need to update a good map though.
        We’re starting a Friday night round to begin this week.
        Come on out for 5:30 and get a sense of the layout.

  4. 807-905 says:

    Any new developments?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply on this….Hope by now, you’ve seen the update on DGO. Baskets are in (17 of them) and course is playable. Lots of work to do on map/signs etc.
      I hope to get more information up on this blog soon.
      Come out Friday 5:30 f you can for a round.

  5. rudy says:

    here’s a couple of pages on my web site with relevant pictures…

    thanks for all your hard work, adge

    • Rudy,

      Thanks for the pics. Great to meet you. I did see the updates – cool to see the actual installation pics – I couldn’t make it out the days they were working.

      Hope you don’t mind, I borrowed one of your images (park directions to lot) for DGO directions.

      Hope to see you out there.

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