The Shire – Tournament Weekend

What a great weekend to play disc golf in Ottawa area!

An Annual tournament hosted on private land drew over 50 golfers from all over Ontario and parts of Quebec.

The course was set up primarily on our hosts land with a few holes on friendly neighbour’s and an adjoining public park.
After a warm up round and a few hours of catching up with friends, I had my first Glowy golf experience – attaching LED lights to your disc and firing for chains in the dark. Really fun – and easier to locate your disc than daylight rounds believe it or not.

There was a great campfire both nights (which is probably still burning) and some great Stanley Cup hockey between Vancouver and Boston in the background.

We had the excellent talents providing the Soundtrack of the weekend (DJ tunes kept spirits high)

Food was superb (and ample!), provided by neighbours as part of the weekend.

Really a great weekend on so many levels. Got to hang out with Toronto locals, and get to know the Ottawa gang better – and first time hanging out with the Montreal crazies. You guys all rock.

I’ll be back for sure. If this sounds like fun check out the calendar of events on the ODSA website: or other local events held by clubs at, and if you need any DG equipment go check out

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