Basket Installation

After almost two years of planning, it was very satisfying (VERY satisfying) to slide the first basket into place on the course.  Jim (our amazing parks liason) was present and took a putt to mark the occasion too – and sunk it.  Newest member to the DG family I think.

Thanks to Steve, Josh, Toddy, Mikey Y, Kim and Greg for all the help last night.  It was a very efficient process which took about two hours and allowed for a 7pm tee-off to test out the course.

Rudy, a fellow blogger and veteran to the game of disc golf had a drop in and visit on his way home.  He snapped a few pics which are posted on his blog (I’ll update mine with more colour when I have a chance to upload some pics).  Thanks Rudy.

Greg had the honour of sinking the first birdie of the course – well done.  Lots of groans on baskets hit from the rest of us.

We did have some minor modifications on a few baskets as some of the cement leaked into the sleeves, but nothing a reciprocating saw couldn’t assist with – an effective attitude adjustor.

It was pretty cool to look around the park which was just grass, hills and trees and finally see baskets scattered around.

Have a look at the website for directions to the course and a map.

The actual installation phase of this project was made possible by the hard work of the City of Toronto workers who installed all of the sleeves and cement (36 placements, all within 5 days).  I missed the opportunity to see this part of the project, but Rudy has some pictures on his blog.

They have been amazing to work with through this process and are really on-side for this course project.  I was surprised to find out they have already put up some Disc Golf signage on some of the existing signs – pretty cool for Day 1…

(Thx for the picture Iceman)

If you do spend time in the park, please help to take care of it, respect the other park users and say a big thanks to any of the city workers you do see.



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3 Responses to Basket Installation

  1. 807-905 says:

    Way to go! My hat is off to you sir for the hard work!

  2. rudy says:

    discgolfontario web site seems to have died… somebody forgot to renew the domain name

    directions to the parking lot here —

    adge’s map is difficult to read, i’ll try to draw up another one tomorrow night (june 17)

  3. Stevo says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow night. I was out last night sticking the hole numbers on all of the baskets. It was fantastic to see 5 other groups playing the coarse. Adge will be out tonight placing the tee markers in the ground so it wil be much easier to navigate through.
    I as with Rudy can no longer access the discgolfontario site? Anyone else having issues?

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