Foolin’ around on April 1st, 2012. A Notable Round in Bala, ON.

I’m back from a bit of a hiatus from posting on PDG….but had a pretty cool notable round worth sharing this past weekend.

I guess it would be classified as a form of ‘monkey golf’ putters only, and the first object course I had played in years and years.

While away for the annual ‘boys weekend’ with my best friends from university (a tradition that we all look forward to annually), we had a fun round playing around the cottage property and up the cottage road…..with a pretty exciting tee shot off a neighbour’s dock. (We’re playing across the water to the far cottage – a bigger challenge with a putter in your hand…)

Sadly, I turned over my disc and (quite impressively) buried it a good 200 feet from shore. I hope to go swimming for it in June or July when the river warms up….The picutre below shows our 2nd to last hole – and what a beautiful end of day we had before hitting the deck at the cottage.  My partners had some impressive shots I will try to upload by video soon.

I have to say that the conditions were perfect, for golf and also for just being outdoors in Muskoka. Warm (warm enough for April 1st), Sunny, calm, no bugs. Perfect. It helped to have  a cold keg of Beau’s Lug Tread Lager to stay hydrated.  (Try some soon if you haven’t already….. very tasty).


It reminded me of why I love this game though: a walk in the woods (or a park) with friends, laughs and just a bit of structure and friendly competition. With a big steak dinner waiting after the round…

Remember if you don’t live near an established course, it can be a lot of fun making one up! Get out there and throw!!

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