I spent some time in the park tonight and finished re-measuring each hole. I’ve listed the measurements below. Also great to see that locates have begun, lots of flags and paint in the grass from various utility companies with buried pipelines.

I know another final measure will be required once installation is done, but here’s what the scorecard is looking like:

Hole Short Long
1 240 / 271
2 350 / 440
3 265 / 360
4 208 / 250
5 210 / 282
6 340 / 450
7 230 / 297
8 170 / 302
9 200 / 260

10 230 / 360
11 185 / 225
12 176 / 285
13 190 / 280
14 225 / 360
15 235 / 305
16 240 / 320
17 250 / 272
18 215 / 297

Total: 4159 ft 5616 ft
Average 231 ft 312 ft

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More Measurements

Spent a few hours in the park on Saturday, re-measuring some of the hole lengths and of course throwing a bunch of tee-shots.

I met another of the parks guys (staff) who was aware of the project.  He’d never seen golf discs before so I showed him the few that I had with me – he was pretty surprised to hear how far a driver can fly!! Good to hear the project is on the list of things to get done.

He initially thought I was doing ‘locates’ for one of the companies who has buried pipes in the valley.  Nice guy.

I’ve attached a picture of Hole 6 tee-shot on the east end of the park.  This was the original Hole 18 before the decision was made to number the holes from the West entrance of the park – as it is 12 month access, and easier to find from the DVP.

The bridge shown is the Overlea Bridge.

I checked the file on when I took this shot, interestingly – November 7, 2009.


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First Look at Course:

Had a great meeting with Jim.  We began to really hammer out next steps to get the baskets out of storage and into the ground.  Took one of the baskets out of the box and put it together for the first time.  Cool to see them out of the boxes for the first time

Other topics we touched on were signage, eventual tee pads which will likely be installed later in the summer/fall.

After the meeting I spent about an hour re-measuring # 1, # 17 and #18 (thanks Dave for the measuring wheel).

I’ve attached shots of # 1 below:

Short basket location will be in line with two pines to the right (~240 ft) and the long placement straight up into the grove of trees (~270ft).

…and # 18 – shot taken from long-pin placement towards tee area:

Long placment measures ~297ft. Subject to change depending on other park projects…..

This is a fun shot to plan with a hyzer and anhyzer option (great into the wind!) Also a well guarded hole location in mid-summer with plenty of foliage.
I really hope we can use this location to finish off the course.

That’s all for now.  Check back often for more updates.


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Inception – E.T. Seton Disc Golf Course

This project was born in the summer of 2009  as a plan to bring a new course to Toronto’s east end. Selfishly, I wanted a course closer to home to play myself, but the project quickly evolved and became a great opportunity to improve access to the sport for a growing disc golf community and also a new location for experienced disc-golfers to enjoy in the north-east end of the city.
E.T. Seton Park offered a large green-space with interesting terrain variety and easy access by car, bicycle and TTC.

The project has been a collaboration of three main parties:
– our disc golf club
– City of Toronto Parks Department
– Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA)
PDGA also assisted with a letter of support, and some financial assistance.

ODSA put me in touch with the Parks supervisor (they had a good relationship through the Ultimate Frisbee relationship, using the sports fields in Sunnybrook) who was very receptive to the idea as the project would help to draw people deeper into the park.

Having contacts with a provincial sports organization, national organization (PDGA) and interest from the Municipal level – parties were in place to begin planning seriously. Next step, financials.


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Welcome to Project Disc Golf!

This blog will be focused on the sport of disc golf and my adventures around the world enjoying this great sport.

More specifically, I also plan to document all of the events that have led to the installation of a new 18-hole disc golf course in the Greater Toronto Area.  I hope you enjoy, and get a chance to visit the course once installation is complete.



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